Your Social Supply Chain

LOGISA combines social collaboration with supply chain optimization in transport & logistics in East Africa. Thats why we call LOGISA “Your Social Supply Chain”.

LOGISA Community

The LOGISA Community Platform is a multi- enterprise social network platform. The platform is used to create intranet and extranet, increase the social network, improve the customer service, broaden and deepen the knowledge and to launch online collaboration.

LOGISA Supply Chain

The one stop shop platform for sourcing cargoes and transport. Confirm deals, deliver contracts and execute transports. With real-time track & trace, geofencing, control towers and planning screens.

The LOGISA company has decided to cease the project in Eastern Africa due to disappointing market interest. If you want to know more about the LOGISA Community and Supply Chain platform, just contact us.

I have cargoes to move!

Fill up your company details, requirements & staff
Find rated transporters that matches your requirements
Ask for quotes, compare and fix best transporter
Follow the planning, execution and documentation online
Receive the invoice, check and pay online

About us

LOGISA is an online platform where professionals in transport & logistics in East Africa can meet and share information and content. It is also a platform where you can send out transport requests, quote, book and deliver with full track & trace functionality. LOGISA is neutral and easy to use.

P.J. Swaak Founder

I have transport capacity !

Fill up your company and truck details
Find matching request for quotes
Plan loading, trip and delivery with full visibility
Generate automated status updates
Receive POD, send invoice

Social Collaboration and Supply Chain Optimization

Would you like to collaborate and exchange all kinds of content?

LOGISA offers the solution for increased effectiveness, interaction and engagement among employees, logistic professionals and stakeholders with a refreshing community approach.

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Would you like to optimize your supply chain and increase profitability?

LOGISA offers a safe and secure online environment where logistic professionals can execute their operations. A closed marketplace to do you business efficiently.

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Why join LOGISA?





Connect with logistic professionals and organizations, share knowledge and ideas. Boost your network.
Be part of the logistic marketplace. Send out transport requests, quote, book and deliver. Save costs and time, increase quality and revenue.


Contract reliable carrier(s)

Save costs

Transparency and quality



Competitive quotes

Maximize truck utilization


Quote for transports

Increase utilization

Increase profitability