Come and join us!

Come and join us!

Since November last year, we have all been working hard realizing the LOGISA platform. For the last few months the focus has been on building a working supply chain module and integrating the module with the existing community module. There are still a few teething problems that need to be settled but we are confident that we will make it work.

We are now entering a new phase in the project outline which is the marketing campaign. It will be my job to write the marketing- and communications plan. I completed my studies in this department and I am always excited to write such a plan. Not only because I find it interesting but also because I fully support the LOGISA Platform. I think it offers an innovative system which can boost the efficiency of transport and logistics and give you all a level playing field to offer cargoes and quote for transports.

This week I started the first part of the plan which is an exploration of the East African market. I expect to learn a lot during this stage. To be honest, it is quite difficult to find the specific information on transport and logistics that I need. Luckily I have had some help of Mrs. Angel Mgawe, our co-worker in Dar es Salaam.

Not only is the market difficult to fathom, the product itself – The LOGISA Platform – consists of so many different possibilities for different people and/or organizations that it is difficult to explain in a few words. So if I have difficulties in explaining the product then how can I convince you to join us?

Experience the LOGISA Platform at first hand

I feel that you need to experience the endless possibilities of LOGISA yourself. That is why we are organizing a workshop in August. During this workshop we show you the platform and let you play with it. Request quotes, give a reasonable pricing, look at a real-life track and trace map on the supply chain module but also take pictures, write blogs or ask questions on the community platform. I will let you know the day of the workshop soon so you can subscribe. Make sure you do; it will be a fun day including lunch!

Of course, with workshops alone we are not boosting brand awareness. Therefore, we are designing a one-page leaflet with short but sweet information on the LOGISA platform. Take one of these home after the workshop, in this way you have something to show when you share your experiences with friends, family and co-workers!

I am looking forward visiting Tanzania in August. If you have any questions, or rather, any suggestions/ideas, come and find me via the community or e-mail ( Always happy to help!


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