Visiting Dar: A busy week

Two weeks ago the Dutch team stepped on a plane to Dar es Salaam to meet with our local LOGISA-partners. The week flew by so fast but it has been a great experience. Do you want to know what we have been up to? I will tell you all about it in this blog.

Business visits

Before coming to Dar we already set up some meetings with all sorts of companies for which LOGISA could be interesting, but also with companies LOGISA can partner up with. From trucking companies to banks and payment providers, and from branch organizations to inspection services.. we have met them all! These meetings made a very busy but meaningful week.

For instance, we have now learned all possibilities for installing a payment service within our Supply Chain Module. This payment service should make it easier for customers to pay for the services provided and keep the platform transparant.
Additionally, the meetings with trucking companies were useful when it comes to increasing brand awareness for LOGISA but also for receiving feedback on the system itself. With these comments we can improve the LOGISA platform and make it more user friendly and complete.


Having meetings was not the only thing we came to Dar for. We also organized a LOGISA Workshop. Almost 15 people enjoyed a full day of learning about both the Community Module and the Supply Chain Module of the LOGISA Platform. In the first part, people learned how to create their own LOGISA-account, how to create articles and blogs and how to like and comment on these. In the second part, people could view the Supply CHain Module and were able to ask questions and make recommendations. In between we all shared a perfectly organized lunch together with all sorts of food and drinks. In the end, the LOGISA Workshop did not only teach our participants more about the platform but it was also very meaningful for the LOGISA-team.

Time really flew by to fast but we went home very satisfied with all the new ideas and lessons learned. We want to thank everyone who shared their interest in LOGISA and made our visit worthwhile.

Also, do not forget: we are actively looking for 20 trucking- and shipping companies to take part in our trial run of the Supply Chain Module. You can register here >>>. You are always more than welcome to contact us via if you have any questions regarding the trial run or about setting up your own community.

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