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Vision & Mission

The LOGISA consortium has taken up the challenge to improve East African Logistics. LOGISA aims to empower interactions between all transport & logistics stakeholders by offering a unique online platform that combines social collaboration and supply chain optimization.

More than 40% of trucks in East Africa are running empty or partially empty. It adds to fuel waste, road congestion, idle capacity and air pollutions. The costs of logistics are therefore too high. It decreases revenues and profit marging and has a negative impact in trade.

How to boost networks and smart ideas, increase cargo volumes with existing capacity at lower costs and higher quality?

LOGISA envisions a future in which the whole field of logistics and transport is connected because collective knowledge is key for finding solutions and only when shippers and carriers are connected trade starts flowing.

LOGISA is supported by the LIFT fund (Logistic Innovation for Trade) of TradeMark East Africa.

Together we build a better future for transport and logistics. We believe in the power of networks, being conected, sharing and getting things done.



Cofano develops tailor made supply chain software for logistic companies and delivers standard products aimed at BPM and service management.

All products of Cofano are partly or fully web-based. Cofano operates with a growing but tight team of full time developers with strong inter-company collaboration and communication. In this way, all developments can be tuned to client requirements. Cofano is responsible for the Supply Chain Module of LOGISA

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TransportLAB is a network organization that initiates, facilitates and implements innovations in transport & logistics.

TransportLAB was launched as a joint venture between branche organization Transport & Logistiek Nederland (TLN) and Swaak&Crooijmans BV in 2013. The first business was to develop a dedicated app shop for the transport and logistics sector. Thereafter,  various innovation projects were executed.

Over the years, TransportLAB has grown into an independent company that manages consultancy-, project- , innovation- and community assignments in transport and logistics.

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