LOGISA Modules

LOGISA Community Module

The community module of the LOGISA platform offers you the opportunity to create your own own online community or to join existing communities. These communities stimulate interaction and innovation within your organization and between other organizations within the entire transports and logistics sector. Share your knowledge via blogs, articles, and wiki’s. Comment on wiki’s, ideas, photo’s en video’s.

On the road? Don’t worry. The LOGISA mobile app facilitates the same exhange of information. Keeping you up-to-date wherever you are. An online environment which answers all your questions, where knowledge and expertise is always at your fingertips. That is the LOGISA Community Module.

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LOGISA Supply Chain Module

The supply chain module of the LOGISA platform is designed to offer customers the best solution for their transport requirements. The module enables shippers to request quotes for their cargo transports which includes everything from transport to insurance and warehousing. Once a quote is accepted the transport order is ready to be executed. The LOGISA track-and-trace functionality will guide the transport and required documents to their final destination.

To ensure maximum quality for future services LOGISA contains an internal rating system with customer’s reviews as well as performance indicators on past transports.

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The LOGISA App Shop (powered by TransportLAB) offers all relevant apps in the field of transport and logistics. Using the App Shop is completely free and available as an add-on for customers of the LOGISA Community Platform.

Apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows. The App Shop is clearly categorized and equipped with simple search functions and automatic upload facilities.

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