LOGISA Supply Chain

How the Supply Chain Module works


    1. Shipper/forwarder seeking transport

  • Shipper sends Request for Quote

  • Shipper enters transport requirements & qualifications

  • Transport company receives Invitation to Quote

    Transport company quotes transport prices and additional information

  • Shipper evaluates quotes

    Shipper evaluates quotes and select preferred trucking company

  • 2. Match shipper & trucking company

  • Exchange contract details

    Shipper and trucking company exchange details and conclude either new contract or work with existing agreement.

  • Additional Services

    Transport company offers additional services if needed like warehousing, insurance, packgaing and labelling, payment etc. via preferred service providers.

  • 3. Contracts signed

  • Shipper confirms details

    Shipper confirms loading details and documents

  • Trucking company finalizes planning

    The trucking company finalizes his detailed planning and assign drivers to trucks.

  • Trucking company changes status

    All status update done by trucking company are visible for shipper and v.v.

  • 4. Planning visible for shipper

  • Transport execution

    Full track&trace of cargo, transport assets and documents. Pre-alerts for delays, and statusupdates by driver.

  • Driver sends status updates

    Driver send status updates by means of mobile LOGISA app like: waiting for cargo/paperwork, start loading, finished loading, border crossing, road blocks, start unloading, finished loading etc.)

  • 5. Cargo delivered to final destination

  • Proof of Delivery

    Cargo papers signed and immediately visible for all parties concerned

  • Invoices

    Invoice is generated based on system details.

  • 6. Transport finished

  • Rating

    Shipper rates Carrier and v.v.


Shipper or Forwarder

The Shipper or Forwarder initiates the proces of transport search, match and execution. Either by inviting specific carriers or trigger an automatic invite based on pre-defined quality criteria. Once a deal is closed (wether or not based on existing contracts) he can follow the whole proces of truck assignment, transport planning, execution and delivery. For all transport jobs under his assignment.

Via intelligent geo-fencing and track&trace software the shipper/forwarder wil have a total overview of whats on the road and where the bottlenecks are. By means of control tower view and automatic alerts.


A carrier (any transport company) starts by completing his company profile. This entails information about certificates, sales or purchase contracts in place and operating assets (trucks, wagons, etc). LOGISA generates a qualitative ranking of the company.

Based on this profile information the carrier is matched with an inquiry. He receives invitations to quote for transport. If his quote is accepted and the contract is fixed the transport order is generated. The carrier can assign trucks to pick-ups, plan his transports, set geo-fences for pre-alerts and  the driver is able to give status updates by means of the LOGISA mobile device. The shipper is automatically notified.

Once the cargo has been delivered and the Proof of Delivery is signed off in the LOGISA app, the invoice is generated and send to the shipper.

The carrier is also able to rate the shipper.


The LOGISA system also covers additional services that can be offered by means of so called “trusted third parties”. Companies that have been screened and offer quality services.

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