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New IRU study shows how TIR can radically reduce trade costs in Africa

The IRU report, “Transit costs in East and Southern Africa” clearly demonstrates how African countries implementing the TIR Convention can reduce the costs of trade in southern and eastern Africa by hundreds of dollars per container, thus saving billions of dollars and increasing GDP in African countries. The report unequivocally concludes that the TIR system […]

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Seeking pilot companies

The LOGISA system combines social collaboration with supply chain optimization. We are nearing the beta version of the LOGISA platform and are seeking logistic companies (transporter, forwarders, companies, shippers, importers and exporters) to take part in our pilots. These pilots start in September 2016. As a pilot company you can (free of charge) join our […]

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Come and join us!

Come and join us! Since November last year, we have all been working hard realizing the LOGISA platform. For the last few months the focus has been on building a working supply chain module and integrating the module with the existing community module. There are still a few teething problems that need to be settled […]

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